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In the Sarai Nuruddinpur village in Uttar Pradesh, women are making beautiful baskets from a wild grass that grows on the banks of the river Ganga and waste plastic.

Amrita SeRVe believes that sustainable development is not possible without paying attention to the topic of waste management. Guided by Amma’s words, the team is promoting upcycling efforts, wherein something that would otherwise have been discarded as waste is now being used and reused to create something valuable.

The baskets were very handy to store rice and other items in her home.

The Amrita SeRVe team wanted to encourage this type of waste-to-wealth initiative and encouraged more women to learn the art. Today about 20 women, from the age of 80 years to 20 years, make these baskets in their free time. Depending on how much time they have at hand, it may take them a couple of days or sometimes even an entire week to make one of these beautiful baskets. These hand-made baskets have now become an additional source of income for their families.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 cm


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