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Namma Angadi is the subsidiary NGO of The Concern for Working Children.

The Concerned for Working Children is a not-for-profit secular, democratic development agency based in Bengaluru, India. Active since the late 1970s, we were one of the first organisations in India to focus on working children and their needs. We have since become widely recognised as a world leader in children’s rights, particularly children’s right to self determination.

CWC has been working to support traditional artisanal livelihoods since the early 1990s. Many working children migrate to the cities to work because of the decline of the traditional livelihoods that have support their families for generations. CWC believes that with the right marketing and the appropriate use of modern technology, these livelihoods can be revived and help stem the flow of children to the cities.

The vocational training provided by our educational institute, Namma Nalanda Vidyapeetha, includes textiles, woodwork and basket-making as well as beauty, electrics, computing and agriculture.

In 1993, we founded Namma Angadi (‘our shop’), a collective marketing platform for young artisans and craftpersons in Karnataka.

Prices are deliberately kept reasonable to appeal to the widest possible section of the community. The goods sold at Namma Angadi are sustainable, eco-friendly and hand-crafted, but with new technology and modern designs by interns from institutions like the National Institute of Design. Selection of the product range is based on the needs of the rural consumer that might also have an urban use.  All product materials are sourced from natural and eco-friendly sources – usually from the forest, villages or plantations.

Over the years, hundreds of artisans and craftpersons have joined the Namma Angadi collective and found a new market for their goods.

Our range of products include:
  • Clay and Terracotta products
  • Garments
  • Bamboo products
  • Jute products
  • Lavancha products
  • Wooden products
  • Accessories

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