To Pursue Our Dream!

We had to go about 200kms to reach the place where we were going. My younger sister was accompanying me as she had some free time and wanted to see what we are upto. My friend said he will join me in the location.

It was around 11.30am and outside the car it was like a Microwave oven, heat waves of this hot summer. My friend joined us and he was the one who had some idea about the route to that place, it took about 20min to reach near to it and lost it. Finally we found someone walking by and took his guidance to reach there.

The place looked like a home/temple/piece of art/architectural creation/stunning… whole structure was made with Red stone and full of Natural lights flowing inside. The building itself made us to stand a while and all were stunned and we were looking at each other. Sister just started screaming “I just want to stay here, and study whatever they teach”. Yes it was a training centre and school where they provide regular education, skill development programs and training on self-employment.

We went inside and met the person we had to meet in regards to our work and had small discussion sitting in the Vintage Office furniture. After the meeting they guided us how to reach their camp where the actual Heart of this institute live.

Yes we were in a NGO and its main motto is to find Working children in the society and give a life leading skills and education to them. Its located in a beautiful green location, build like a heritage home. We opted first to see their commercial outlet which is inside their premises and not at all in a commercial way. We felt like we are inside our own home and seeing the collections of dresses, handicrafts, wood arts etc etc neatly kept around us.  There were two ladies who treated us like their own team mate and guided us with each product, how its made, who does it and where all these things are done. We were stunned to hear that “Most of the products are done by the rescued working Children” the NGO provides shelter, education, personality development training and also trains them on self-employment and skill development. All the products displayed there was done at the time of Training by the Children and its continues process.

Children living there have freedom of their own and they strictly follow the discipline. And interesting part is they themselves have made some strict rules for their organization and everyone should follow the rules made by these Children. They keep their whole premises clean, neat and tidy. They attend school for their literate knowledge and attend training for skill development. Children here are more than happy with what life they have got now.


Standing in their shoes…!

I can see the kids around in my place Wearing Good Dress, Going to School, Going out with Parents, Buying what they Like, Playing with their Favourite Toys. Even I want to have all such things but No its not happening in my life, My parents cant afford to send me to School, they cant afford a good dress, buy toys for me or take me out. We dint even had proper house to live. Many a times we had to run from our house as Police use to come and ask to leave the place for construction of Big buildings. When I was small my parents use to take me to the work place and ask me to sit and play in some corner with whatever scrap items available around. I use to play a lot when I am tiered will be sleeping somewhere under a tree or shed.

Yes I have been to school for 3 years and when I had to buy more book pencil and bag my parents couldn’t afford it and one day my Mom with very Sorry face asked me that “can I help them with the work?” Somehow I understood what she meant and I stopped going to school very next day. Even I had dreams of going to school, wanted live good life as others, may be by working in the construction site, cleaning the house, is what wrote in my fate. Suddenly one day a man with glasses on is eyes came to me and asked “”would you like to go school!!”” it was not the first time happened many a times people around use to call me and ask me in louder voice Why don’t you attend school?? But I had no answer to them. This time the voice of the man made me more comfortable and I explained my situation to him.


Saw the place which can help me to Pursue my Dream!!!

He asked me to take him to my parents and spoke to them for about an hour and went. My parents were in a dilemma whether we should send him for his betterment, whether its trap!!, should we lose one hand income of our family now!! Lot of things they were discussing at home. Again next day he came with lot of documents, papers etc. and started talking to my parents and somehow they said okay. I dint even had a clue what is it all about and where I will be going and what I will be doing next. After a week time he came along with his team mates and they explained everything in front of my parents and asked me to pack whatever things I have.

I packed my 03 sets of cloths one I use to wear while I was working and the other is to wear when I am at home and go outside. One bath towel, a brush, my battery torch which I had bought previous year in the car festival And My books and Pencil. They asked my parents to come along with us and see where they will be facilitating to study, when my parents said they don’t have money to travel for such a long distance they have arranged for to and fro journey and we all started from the Big city.

We reached a village where there are no Big roads, Noise of vehicle, Big buildings and Working Children. I was so happy to see kids like me are going to school and have lot of friends around them. Everybody was speaking nicely, one person took us to the Hostel and showed a place with a Cot and bed and said this is your place. I had never seen such room in my life and all of a sudden its mine!!! Then they took us to the school where I will be studying. My parents had tears in their eyes and my Mother fell in their legs crying for giving a better life to me.

Now my studies are going good and the best part here is along with the studies we are well trained with the Skills to do handicrafts, stitching, craftsmanship lot more. On every interval we get to learn new things and also we are guided to understand which is our favourite subject and with which we can be experts. With these skills we no need to compromise anymore on our lifestyle or studies.

Now we proudly say we are on the way to Pursue our Dream…J


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